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Village Services

Garbage Pick-up

Garbage is generally picked up every week on Tuesday by Four Seasons Disposal. If there is a holiday on Monday or Tuesday Garbage pickup will be on Wednesday.

Watch our upcoming events on the home page for electronics pickup info.

2019 Recycling Notice

Permits & Licensing

For building, dog permits and any licensing that you may need or have questions on, you can visit the village hall at 1126 Main Street in Gresham, WI or contact your Village Clerk Judy Kristof Phone: 715-787-3991.

Application for Zoning Permit

Elections & Voting

All elections are held at the American Legion at 951 Main St, Gresham, WI. Election Day is always on a Tuesday. Spring: Primary: 3rd Tuesday in February, General: 1st Tuesday in April Fall: Primary: 2nd Tuesday in August of even-numbered years. General: 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November of even-numbered years.

Polling place hours are from 7:00 a.m until 8:00 p.m. If you are unable to get to your polling place or will be out of town on Election Day, you may vote by “absentee ballot”. You can receive your absentee ballot by mail, you can go to your village.

Please check back later.

Other Amenities of Gresham

Parks Use Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you must contact the Village for a key.

To schedule an inspection, contact the Village office to see when the inspector is in.

Contact the Village office for details. In general, no open burning is allowed. Must be contained and have a screen.